CDG x better gift shop collection!

CDG and Better Gift Shop have teamed up to bring a brand new capsule featuring artwork from the amazing Tim Comix!

Better™ Gift Shop is back with CDG for another art-infused capsule — this time featuring the works of Tim Comix.

Martí Guerrero, aka Tim Comix, formed his character as young as six years old in Mexico City where the “Tim” in the name is derived from the Spanish word for “Shy” (Tímido). Through his Tim Comix character, stories telling of fears, love, longing, hopes, and dreams are all told across comics, illustrations, paintings, and sculptures.

This capsule — comprised of a tee, hoodie, and coach jacket — sees colorful graphics with Tim’s face mixed in with CDG branding. Bold, colorful lettering is also present throughout as seen at the back of the coach jacket. Tim Comix’s reoccurring commentary on global issues can be seen in the broken and bleeding Earth graphic.

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